Trip Day 6:
Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis - Tobago, West Indies
Thursday 15th November

Breakfast time, Nevis.

Passing Montserrat mid-morning. The island was munted by a volcano a few years ago; the airport used to be on this side of the island but was totally destroyed.

Le Raizet Airport, Guadeloupe.

Airborne again, this time passing the French Island of Martinique

Lunch is served, 9500' over St Lucia.

Mid afternoon abeam Saint Vincent and crossing 13 North, the weather is gradually packing in.

About 80 miles out of Tobago, and its looking pretty ominous. Alternate Piarco, 40 miles south west, is the only other option to avoid having to fly all the way back up to Grenada, so watching the fuel pretty carefully.

10 miles off the Tobago coast. Hearing Virgin 51 on the ground at Tobago delay the push-back because of some "nasty cells" in the Thunderstorm passing is not helping.

TTCP SPECI 151943Z 13013KT 0700M TSRA FEW008CB BKN012 OVC080 25/23 Q1011

There's a runway underneath there somewhere.

Virgin 51 still holding.

Once again, a welcome beer at the bar; a stormy night in Tobago.

Air Distance - 485 Nautical Miles, 900 km : Dep Nevis 10:55 Arr Tobago 15:50


Campbell said...

Hi Mate

Looking like another memorable leg of the trip, keep up the good posts so we know where your at.

btw, I see you've got cabin service now, how about in flight movies?



Anonymous said...

Trust me, theres a big screen in front of me with thriller, horror, and discovery channel all in one. Hopefully they're not going to show Jaws.

Anonymous said...

Markus I dont really respect you as human being but as a pilot i definitely think you have something. Keep up the good work.

Kind thoughts


Anonymous said...

Yeah cheers Mikus, if you saw what the locals get up to here you'd respect me as a controller as well.

Anonymous said...

The 747 delays pushback and the mad irishkiwi storms down finals in the mighty 17twice. HELL YEAH!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I respect no controller in this world or the next.