Final Day:
Chub Cay, Bahamas - Miami, USA
Thursday 22nd November 2007

Hard to leave the Bahamas with weather like this - only a short hop back to the US though - 1 hour 30 flying or so.

Crossing the US "ADIZ" - the military protection zone, you must call on VHF and identify what you're up to, and get assigned a transponder code for customs.

First sight of the USA again, approaching the southern shores of Miami.

Video: First contact with Miami Approach, FL105, 50 miles east


Final approach and landing of the journey, landing 09L at Tamiami Kendall Airport.

First stop cussies for a small mountain of paperwork, explanations, stamps, and form-filing.

After a short transfer to MIA international, nice to have someone else worry about the flying for a change.

Here's the route map.

4250nm, 42.4 hours of flying

- 7800 kilometres and 14 days.

Thanks all for following along with the trip.


Campbell said...

Congrats on successfully completing your mission!

Any chance of a trip back to the private island one day?

The flying school will seem quite repetitive after the this trip, maybe a similar mission around the pacific once I can co-pilot.

Anonymous said...

well done on that epic voyage.Nothing like a trip around the Islands.
Tom Gale BA 777

Zapper said...

Well done you old bugger. make a pilot of you yet! :D

Look fwd to seeing you again soon Mark!

Anonymous said...

Mark -

It's Scott from dispatch school. Amazing blog, very admirable of you to take on such a "rough" journey.

Looks like you're doing well!

REG said...

Mate, when I saw you in WLG I had no idea what you were upto !!
God thing you didn't tell me, I would have quit work there and then to do something like that.
Well done Mark. I enjoyed looking and read each day of your trip, Thanks for the link.
Have a happy Christmas and safe & wonderfull new year. Hope to hear from you soon again

REG (aka Mark VB ADL)

Jordan said...

amazing trip, wish i had done it when i was in florida. well done

Anonymous said...

amazing trip. I hope to do something like this one day. How much did it cost you total out of pocket?